Beyond the Pail


"Beyond The Pail (Mk.II)", 2018. Re-used plastic feed-buckets, nylon cable ties, stainless-steel cable, metal swivel; diameter 105cm

Main photograph by Christian Capurro

"Beyond The Pail" was first created in 2011 in Penang, Malaysia during an artist's residency at the Hotel Penaga in George Town. The two subsidiary images show the work installed outside the hotel's main entrance, suspended in the "five-foot way" for several years until deterioration of the plastic - brittleness and fading - necessitated its removal.

Following the artist's return to Melbourne, the work was recreated (hence "Mark II”) for the exhibition "Elevating the Everyday" at the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery in 2018. It was also selected for inclusion in the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Award 2018.

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