"Column", 2010 (installation view at Footscray Park, Footscray). Carrara marble; 205 x 58 x 49cm. * See disclaimer below.

Installed in Melbourne's Footscray Park in 2010, "Column", painstakingly carved to the artist's design from white Carrara marble by craftsmen in Italy, makes sly comment on the phallic pomposity of the "monument". In fact the components of this column reference individual cardboard boxes, utilitarian disposable items ubiquitous in the modern world, symbolic of transient transport and pragmatic impermanence. Teetering one upon the other as an unstable tower - yet paradoxically rendered in laboriously hand-tooled stone - they form a work which undercuts the masculine triumphalism of the column as monument. 

* And in actual fact the above description of the work's materials and location is completely false. "Column", photographed in Footscray Park in 2010 and then ceremonially burnt in nearby Seddon, was made from actual cardboard boxes and papier mache, painted white. Its creation and sculpture from white marble in Italy, and its permanent public location, exist only in the mind of the artist. 

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