Planetary Model


"Planetary Model: Earth", 2019. Extra-large matches, nylon monofilament; 23cm diameter.

"Planetary Model: Earth" is one of a (growing) number of "spheres" assembled from different materials, found, collected and discarded (although in this atypical instance, purchased). Constructed solely from extra-large matches tied together with nylon fishing-line (using no glue), “Planetary Model: Earth” continues my long-held fascination with the Platonic Solids, as an augmented dodecahedron. It’s a strong and self-supporting globe, but also extremely fragile and dangerously combustible. Will it, and its real-life counterpart, survive?

The subsidiary image is constructed along similar principles, but from muselets, the wire "cages" which keep champagne corks in their bottles.

Both spheres were exhibited in different installations in PINK, the Midsumma Festival exhibition held at Tacit Galleries in 2020.

And there are more to come - watch this space! 

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