The Deep Blue Sea


"The Deep Blue Sea", 2013. Found plastic water-bottle seals, nylon monofilament, electric fan (not shown); 140 x 110cm. SOLD

"The Deep Blue Sea" was exhibited at Run Amok Gallery in George Town in December-January 2013-2014, in a group exhibition entitled Eating Wind. This is a local Chinese expression describing having a breather, taking a short holiday, taking "time out" - perhaps "taking the air" would be a related expression, in English. 

The exhibition Eating Wind then travelled to Taipei, Taiwan, in June 2014, and was shown at VT Artsalon.


Taking a holiday, these days, usually means travelling overseas - and often to a seaside location. This work, assembled from the plastic safety seals from large drinking-water bottles, has multiple possible references: to the sea itself, its water molecules bound together en masse; to the bottled water we consume on holidays when the local water is unsafe; to the wastage and pollution resulting from drinking bottled water when the tap water is perfectly safe; to the huge gyres of non-degradable plastic waste choking our oceans and killing our marine life... 

Holidays, overseas... but where will we be able to holiday when the sea itself is "over"? 

Tim Craker, December 2013

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